British Studies 31.7.-2.8.2019

Perinteinen kesäkurssimme järjestetään ensi kesänä 31.7.–2.8.2019 Hämeenlinnassa. Luennoitsija: Tom Wishart. Teemana on ”Anarchy in the UK”.

Alustava hinta 340 € (ilman majoitusta). Ilmoittautuminen 20.5.2019 mennessä. Tarkemmat tiedot kurssiohjelmista sekä iltaohjelmista päivitetään keväällä.

Ohessa on alustava ohjelma ja Tom Wishartin kuvaus kurssista.

BRITISH STUDIES 2019 – Anarchy in the UK?

As of mid December 2018 the UK is in a full-blown constitutional crisis over Brexit. As a result of intense and unprecedented political turbulence, politicians and one major newspaper have predicted serious chaos and social unrest. Feelings are certainly running high – so much so that it really would appear that there is a chance of the title of the famous 1977 song Anarchy in the UK coming true in some shape or form.

With the prospect of such tremendous upheaval, surely you need to get yourself (and your colleagues) to British Studies 2019 to hear more about what’s going on in the UK, to learn more about popular culture in the British Isles, to check how much you really know about the UK education system and whether you really know what a UK Christmas is like. Oh, and if that’s not enough(!), you’ll have a chance to relax and network with colleagues, look at the remarkable events in the US through the eyes of an evangelical Christian as well as to check and upgrade your vocabulary for the latest words and phrases.

A proper toolkit for the school year ahead will be on offer… See you there?


-Anarchy in the UK? Part 1 – the serious side

-Anarchy in the UK? Part 2 – the lighter side

-Christmas pantomimes and the festive season in the UK.

 -Anarchy in the US? – US current affairs through an evangelical’s eyes

-UK education

-“What is truth?”

 -New words


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