Competition for students – Sketsivideokilpailu oppilaille on auki 15.10.2020 asti

We invite students from all school levels to take part in a sketch video competition.
Huom! Kilpailuaikaa on pidennetty lokakuun puoliväliin asti!

The categories are primary school (alakoulu), secondary school (yläkoulu) and upper secondary school (lukio ja ammatillinen toinen aste). The subject and the genre are free. Let your imagination fly and express something fun or touching in English. Give your video a catching name. Remember to give credit to all team members on the video. The videos can be made at home or at school.

Maximum length of video: 2-3 min. Teachers are asked to choose a maximum of five videos. Please place your video on a public platform (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox) and send us a link to it:

Suomen englanninopettajat ry reserves the rights to use the videos in our webpages, courses and seminars.  The competition closes on 15th October 2020. Prizes will be awarded to the best video in each category.